The special exhibition at the Hygienemuseum in Dresden examines the concept of human „shame“ from its genesis to its contemporary meaning in a number of different cultural contexts. The exhibtion combines historic and contemporary art with a variety of historic exhibits. Drawing on the ethonographic collections of Museums worldwide, the exhibition also includes a number of multi-media installations and encourages visitor participation.


Bundschuh designed a multifunctional, meandering object which commands an impressive presence in the long, narrow exhibtion space. It divides the linear spatial and scenographic layout of the exhibition into dynamic spaces, yet at the same time provides a plethora of views through. Thus, the essential interconnectendness of the two main paths, one concentrating on the individual experinebce and the other on the social/collective experience, is translated from the curatorial to the spatial and experiencial.



Roger Bundschuh, Harry Tweddell, Eloïse Rudolph, Philipp Ockert, Michelle Gross
Laurian Ghinitoiu