Bundschuh Architekten is an international architecture and design firm based in Berlin.


„All Life is problem-solving“ ― Karl Popper’s famous dictum provides insight not only into our method of approaching architecture, but also into the underlying aim that drives our practice.


We understand ourselves as problem solvers, unhindered by preconceived notions of form, aesthetics, or the necessities of historic contextualism.


We are mediators and designers of processes and collaborations. The open-end approach of our design practice results in products which range from traditional buildings to abstract objects of no apparent purpose.

We have a keen sense of elegance that we imbue our projects with. This is first and foremost a structural elegance relating to the processes of production ― the possible beauty of the finished product is certainly not undesirable, but it may be an incidental result.


Realizing complex building projects under rigorous time and budgetary constraints is the core of our business.

Yet we are clearly also in the business for the fun of it. Our research work on heterarchical spatial organization continues to provide exciting insights into both the speculative commercial and exhibition design work our firm is involved in.


Our interest in a project is determined not by size or location, but by the challenge it presents to us as a team, and by the possibilities we are able to identify in our initial meetings with the client.