A competition for a tropical luxury seaside resort on Hainan Island drew twin proposals – a Rock and a Wave. Each scheme is drawn around a village concept, clustering private cabanas among intimate networks of pools and gardens leading to the sea, while public shops and restaurants border and insulate the site, and impressive hotel and residence towers give landmark to the site.


The Rock is drawn of chiseled forms and to carve defined spaces and cut a noted silhouette from the horizon. The hotel features private ‘porches’ for each suite to face the sea on one side, while holding the public shopping district to the other. The Wave is dynamic and sensuous, rising and curling as its namesake through the entire length of the site, drawn direct from the South China Sea that its visitors admire from every room.


Roger Bundschuh, Ignacio Bóscolo, Pavel Babienko, Brendan Finney.