Located next to a lake in Wuhan, this innovation campus provides loft-type office space for start-ups in the vibrant Wuhan Tech scene. The masterplan defines lush, wild landscapes, intimate social spaces as well as wide, urban boulevards on a site of over 300 000 sqm. A wide variety of spatial layouts from 6 – story townhouses to highrise loft spaces provide a wide variety of development opportunities and ensure a lively mix of users. Two high-rise residential towers and commercial usages complement the business atmosphere to create a diverse and exciting urban work environment.


Roger Bundschuh, Ignacio Bóscolo, Brendan Finney, Pavel Babienko,
PRAXiS d'ARCHITECTURE - Shaohua DI, JIANG Bo, XU xinxin, CUI Ying, YANG Jialin, FENG Jiancheng, LIU Xing, SUN Jin
Jin Fengzhe